Psst…..those rooms don’t work!

There are so many great musicians playing in Oklahoma.  There is NOTHING like a great live show and there are many to see around the state.  Blues, bluegrass, jazz, folk, rock, the list goes on.  Oklahoma has a lot to offer and world class talent.

I got a call the other day from a musician and supporter of Musicians for Smoke-free Oklahoma/Breathe the Music.  He can’t and won’t (if can help it) play in smoky bars.  He was telling me all about a certain place (we won’t name it here) that is smoke-free.  “Well, they have the smokers in their own separate room!”

As much as one would think that a separately ventilated room keeps everyone else who chooses not to smoke protected – it doesn’t?   “What?”  ”I walk in and I don’t smell ALL of that smoke.”

Just as much as I hated to break it to him and now you, separate ventilation doesn’t  work.  They might keep some of the “smell” at bay or even mask the smell – it simply DOES NOT WORK!  Studies have been done and one right here in Oklahoma.

Nobody, a musician, your family and definately other employees are not protected from the hazards of secondhand smoke.  Not to mention, someone has to clean that room.

The only safe workplace for musicians, bartenders, wait staff and patrons is one that is 100% smoke-free.

Everybody has the right to breathe smoke-free air, no matter where they work.

For more information regarding separate ventilation and how it does not work, please go to the following links:

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights
Don’t Buy the Ventilation Lie
Tobacco Smoke Pollution in Oklahoma Workplaces

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