Live to fight another day: HB2135/Restore Local Rights – Update and Next Steps

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kris Steele’s bill – HB2135/Restore Local Rights – did not come up for a vote on the full House floor on Thursday, March 17th.  The 17th was the deadline for the House to clear all bills and send them over to the Senate for consideration.  HB2135  is by no means dead, but is likely dormant until next year.

Your calls, emails and communication with Legislators have made a tremendous difference in Musicans for Smoke-free Oklahoma/Breathe the Music’s efforts to restore local rights back to communities so that they can then adopt smoke-free ordinances.

M4SFO/BTM still believes and will continue to fight for every one’s right to breathe smoke-free air NO MATTER WHERE THEY WORK – and that every city needs to have local rights restored so that they can then become 100% smoke-free.

Next Steps:

Thanks for ALL that you do. Together we can make a difference!


Paula James Warlick
Musicians for Smoke-free Oklahoma

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