It is time we catch up!

Imagine that this is what you saw when you came into our State?  You were a potential business wanting to locate in Oklahoma.   A visitor.  A band on tour……you get the picture.

We don’t really have this sign, but we might as well!  Think that people don’t look at our health statistics (#1 Smokiest City in the Nation is Tulsa.  OKC is #6), 48 our of 50, etc?  Think again – because they do.  We hear about it all of the time.

Oklahoma should have the chance to compete for regional jobs – but we are losing these jobs to neighboring states/cities…..because they are smoke-free.  (look for future post on this!)

Oklahoma has some the best/greatest communities to live in.  We are surrounded by states and cities that have clean indoor air.  Does make you feel like you’ve turned the clock back when you think of it.


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