Everyone has the right to breathe smoke-free air.
No matter where they work.

Musicians for Smoke-free Oklahoma is a group formed to help protect musicians and music lovers in Oklahoma who want clubs, bars, music and entertainment venues to become 100% smoke-free.

Not all workplaces in Oklahoma are smoke-free and musicians are being told that “they can go and get a job some place else.”

Musicians, other entertainers and music fans in Oklahoma want to be able to not just hear the music but breathe the music. Along with increasing one’s risk of heart disease, cancer and respiratory illnesses, secondhand smoke irritates the vocal cords, potentially causing them to shut down entirely. Damage to the voice can cost musicians their careers.

A smoke-free Oklahoma will protect the health of performers, customers and employees.

Everyone’s workplace should have the same healthy and smoke-free protections that ALL Oklahomans deserve.

Find out how you can help Oklahoma become smoke-free by signing our petition, putting a Breathe sticker on your business’s door or becoming a member of our street team.

Let’s keep Oklahoma’s local talent healthy.

Everybody has the right to breathe smoke-free air.  No matter where they work.

Paula James Warlick
or at:  1.918.706.3088

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