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“Get a Job Someplace Else!”

Friday, November 5th, 2010

Matt Stansberry tells us why he thinks everybody has the right to breathe smoke-free air. from Paula Warlick on Vimeo.

Meet Matt Stansberry.

Matt is a musician in Oklahoma who feels that everybody has the right to breathe smoke-free air.

Matt is also a longtime sufferer of asthma making playing in a smoking venue impossible and not really an option. Somehow his workplace is not protected by the same laws that protect other workers in Oklahoma. We think that is unfair. Do you?

Restoring local rights will create an even playing field for buisnesses that want to do the right thing and better yet, let this musician and father of two have a healthy work environment.

Follow us on facebook and post your story about “why you want Oklahoma smoke-free.”

Sign our statewide petition.

Breathe the Music

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Meet Matt, a Local Musician for Local Rights!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Meet Matt Stansberry.  Matt is an amazing musician in Oklahoma.  He performs all around the state and has quite a following across the country.  He has even toured in Europe. (including Ireland, which IS smoke-free!)

Matt is a husband, a father of two beautiful girls and a longtime suffer of asthma.  Playing in a smoking venue is NOT an option for him, but sometimes  he has to choose between his health and a paycheck.  He isn’t alone in Oklahoma.  There are thousands of employees across the state that have to make this decision everyday. 

What would it take for Oklahoma to become smoke-free?  One way is for cities/communities to have LOCAL RIGHTS restored.  Since the 8o’s, Big Tobacco and some of their friends have made it impossible for our State to become smoke-free, but the tide is turning.  

We can’t get there without YOUR help. 

Join our facebook fanpage, sign our statewide petition and then tell your friends to do the same!  You can even share this post with your friends on facebook, twitter, etc……  We can’t do this alone.

Matt and other musicians, bartenders, hostesses, and thousands of other workers in Oklahoma deserve better.

Nobody should have to choose between their health and a paycheck – no matter where they work.