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It is time we catch up!

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Imagine that this is what you saw when you came into our State?  You were a potential business wanting to locate in Oklahoma.   A visitor.  A band on tour……you get the picture.

We don’t really have this sign, but we might as well!  Think that people don’t look at our health statistics (#1 Smokiest City in the Nation is Tulsa.  OKC is #6), 48 our of 50, etc?  Think again – because they do.  We hear about it all of the time.

Oklahoma should have the chance to compete for regional jobs – but we are losing these jobs to neighboring states/cities…..because they are smoke-free.  (look for future post on this!)

Oklahoma has some the best/greatest communities to live in.  We are surrounded by states and cities that have clean indoor air.  Does make you feel like you’ve turned the clock back when you think of it.


A firsthand story about secondhand smoke

Friday, February 17th, 2012

In today’s Oklahoman – there was a great letter to the editor with this very title - A firsthand story about secondhand smoke. The letter read as if I had written it.  I too grew up in a home with smokers and although a cigarette never touched my lips – I was breathing in all of the chemicals and class A carcinogens as IF I WERE A SMOKER.  Now – before some of you start thinking that this is a post against smokers it isn’t.  It is against smoking and secondhand smoke.

We live in a different age.  We know more.  YET – we still behave like we live in the past sometimes  and living in the past keeps our health and our State’s health status falling further and further behind.

What also struck me about today’s LTE was that many of the readers and followers of Breathe the Music are like the author.  Although they don’t put a cigarette to their mouths – they are breathing in enough secondhand smoke to make them a smoker.  As a matter of FACT – a pack in-a-half a day smoker.

What can we do in Oklahoma to help get the smoke OUT of your workplaces…..ALL workplaces?  We can restore local rights back to communities in Oklahoma so that they can THEN be able to work towards getting that communities workplaces smoke-free. (passing an ordinance)

Here is information about HB 2267/Restore Local Rights!  We hope that you will talk to your State Legislators about this.  Ask for them to support it!  Then share it with your friends and family and your fellow musicians and music loving friends.  You know….the ones who want to come out and support you but can stand the smoke.

We can do this!

- Paula

A firsthand story about secondhand smoke LTE

SFO HB 2267/Restore Local Rights Fact Sheet

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

HB2267 will be heard in the Public Health Committee NEXT Tuesday – February 21, 2012.  HB2267/Restore Local Rights is a similar bill to what we supported last year.  This bill, if passed and signed by Governor Fallin, will finally allow cities and towns the right to decide to have smoke-free public places!  Like BARS – where most musicians work.

This seems like the long hard way to get OUR workplaces smoke-free – but it is the ONLY way to undo what both the Tobacco Lobbyists (there are 14 registered tobacco lobbyists up at the Oklahoma State Capitol) and the Oklahoma Restaurant Association did in 1987.  But we CAN do it!

Check out this letter to the editor from last week’s Oklahoman:

Tobacco lobby damages Oklahoma’s health

Want to find out how you can help?  Contact Paula at:!

Until then – Happy Valentine’s Day.

Live to fight another day: HB2135/Restore Local Rights – Update and Next Steps

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kris Steele’s bill – HB2135/Restore Local Rights – did not come up for a vote on the full House floor on Thursday, March 17th.  The 17th was the deadline for the House to clear all bills and send them over to the Senate for consideration.  HB2135  is by no means dead, but is likely dormant until next year.

Your calls, emails and communication with Legislators have made a tremendous difference in Musicans for Smoke-free Oklahoma/Breathe the Music’s efforts to restore local rights back to communities so that they can then adopt smoke-free ordinances.

M4SFO/BTM still believes and will continue to fight for every one’s right to breathe smoke-free air NO MATTER WHERE THEY WORK – and that every city needs to have local rights restored so that they can then become 100% smoke-free.

Next Steps:

Thanks for ALL that you do. Together we can make a difference!


Paula James Warlick
Musicians for Smoke-free Oklahoma

New Year’s Resolution, #1 & #7 and the Need to Restore Local Rights in Oklahoma

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Being in the Top Ten and more importantly being #1 is something that all Oklahomans strive for.  We can’t help it.  It is best described as a cradle to grave need to be #1.  Sometimes #1 will take us quicker to the grave than necessary, especially in relation to smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke. 

Today a study was released by The Daily Beast naming the top 30 cities with smoking problems.  Oklahoma has secured two positions on their list even making their Top Ten out of 30.  Tulsa comes in at #1 and Oklahoma City follows at #7.  Even with the U.S. smoking rate declining, Oklahoma still finds it hard to quit this deadly habit or even admit that we have a serious problem.  Lots of smokers translates into LOTS of secondhand smoke, especially in a musician’s, bartender’s and other employee’s workplaces. 

What Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and other cities and towns across Oklahoma don’t have is the ability or right to go smoke-free.  Even if Tulsa and Oklahoma City wanted to go smoke-free, currently they can’t pass a smoke-free ordinance.  This year all of that could change if a bill that is being introduced this session by Representative Kris Steele gets passed.  It will restore local rights back to communities across the state giving them the ability to become smoke-free and that is a start from where we are right now. 

When a city becomes smoke-free, it is easier for smokers to quit and more importantly EVERYONE in that city will have a smoke-free workplace.  Everybody as the right to breathe smoke-free air, no matter where they work!

What is your New Year’s resolution this year?  Restoring local rights and working on getting musician’s (and all Oklahoman’s) workplaces smoke-free is our top resolution.  Is it yours?  Take time to sign our petition, follow us on facebook and twitter.  Get involved and get us out of the one TOP TEN we do NOT want to be in anymore. 


Paula James Warlick
Musicians for Smoke-free Oklahoma